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Raven is published in a number of trade publications. Below is a list of our most recent publications.

Coatings Pro – No Salt Added: Containment for Oilfield Disposal Wells (May 2015)

Underground Construction – Exploring Wall Thickness Requirements For Manhole Coatings, Liners (January 2015)

Water Quality Industry News – Raven Lining Systems: Engineered Solutions (September 2014)

Underground Construction – Economical, Effective Concrete Rehab Solution For Escondido (July 2014)

Water Quality Industry News – Raven Lining Systems: Higher Standards Means Higher Performance (June 2014)

Trenchless Technology – Interceptor and Manholes Structurally Rehabbed in Charleston, S.C. (June 2014)


Certified Applicator Spotlight

Read articles about fending off corrosion in treatment facilities, headworks and manhole rehabilitation and proactive municipalities manhole preventive maintenance programs.

Beating Back The Bugs

Headworks Corrosion

Manhole Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Epoxy Equipment


Raven Engineered Solutions

Read articles about the history of manhole rehabilitation, the protection provided by the Raven Engineered System using Raven high-performance coatings, and the recent history of the use of protective coatings to fight corrosion in underground environments.

Next Generation Coating System- AquataFlex

Corrosive Underground Environments

Manhole Rehab Pioneers

Underground Coatings