Raven 490

Raven® 490 is a two-part, direct-to-metal, anti-corrosive epoxy coating. This product is suitable for the wastewater, industrial, and oil & gas markets. Serving as a strong supplement to the proven flagship product, Raven 405 Series, this new product is designed to be a standalone coating system for a variety of chemical environments and various immersion cargos.

Featuring a high-chemical resistance two-part amine cure, the surface tolerant epoxy mastic coating is self-priming. This makes itself suitable in all industrial markets while holding the ability for application over most existing coatings. Using conventional airless spray equipment, brush, or roller and pre-packaged kits for easy mixing provide additional accessibility for the customer.

Its use as a primer coat for a wide variety of topcoats such as, epoxies, polyurethanes, polyureas, and UV stable topcoats increases its versatility. At 72F, additional benefits include a fast return-to-service at 72 hours with tack free cure times of 3-4 hours and a 60-day recoat window.

Supplied in 4:1 ratio kits, Raven 490 meets California SCAQMD Rule 1113 for having VOCs less than 100g/L.

Raven 490 builds upon the proven success and long-term protection of the Raven 405 Series to protect infrastructure from corrosion and infiltration and inflow.

Raven 490 Benefits:

  • Fast curing direct-to-metal anti-corrosive coating system
  • VOCs <100g/L to meet California air quality requirements
  • Standalone epoxy coating or primer coating for a variety of topcoats.
  • 60-day recoat window at 72F & 72-hour return-to-service

Raven 490 TDS

Raven 490 SDS