Technical Bulletins

Raven Lining Systems offers technical data to assist contractors and engineers in evaluating and specifying Raven products and services.

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Adhesion Testing Pocket Guide


Confined Space Equipment
Personal Protective Equipment
Respiratory Safety Protection
Solvent Safety


Raven Info and Products

Raven Contact Info
Coating Coverage Calculations
Product Handling and Recordkeeping
Using Raven Lot Numbers
UV Exposure and UV stable Topcoats
Drum Liners & Disposal
Approved Repair Materials
Raven 150 Primer
Raven 155 Primer
Raven 171, 171FS Primer
AquataPoxy A-6, A-6 Thick Coating
Raven 405, 405 FS Coating
Raven 400 Coating
Raven 400 E R M
Raven 405 Trowel Coating
Raven FAQ’S
Epoxy Coating Chemical Resistance


Preparation and Application

Application Guidelines
Epoxy Application Procedures
Abrasive Blast Cleaning Rates
Raven Epoxy Recoat Window
Coating over Joints and Cracks
Coating Termination and Interfaces
Coating Fiberglass Manholes
Coating Galvanized Steel
Coating Green Concrete, High MVER
Heating Structures
Dealing with Amine Blush
Dealing with Pinholes and Holidays
Remediation of Off Ratio Coating Application
Repair of Elastomeric Coatings with Epoxy
Repairing or Recoating Exisiting Coatings
Using Epoxy Mortar
AntiSkid Coatings


Inspection and Testing

Inspection Guidelines
Required Cure Time For Testing
Adhesion Testing Coatings
Holiday Inspection Testing Coatings
Product Physical Properties Testing



Raven Spray System Requirements
Coating Material Heating
950 Purging Spray Systems
Trey Heater Reset or Repair