Potable Water

Raven’s AquataPoxy® systems provide corrosion control in potable water applications, including water tank linings, reservoirs, transmission lines, aqueducts and treatment facilities. AquataPoxy® epoxies are among the first to meet NSF/ANSI 61 certification for contact with drinking water.

Our high-build sprayable epoxies adhere under adverse conditions including damp, moisture filled structures. Raven sprayable epoxies are proven to stop corrosion and eliminate exfiltration and can be used to structurally rebuild severely deteriorated infrastructure.

Products Technical Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets
Raven AquataPoxy A-6 AquataPoxy A6 TDS  /  Spanish AquataPoxy A6 SDS
Raven AquataPoxy A-61 AquataPoxy A-61 TDS  /  Spanish AquataPoxy A61 SDS
Raven AquataFlex 505 AquataFlex 505 TDS AquataFlex 505 SDS
Raven AquataFlex 506 AquataFlex 506 TDS AquataFlex 506 SDS