2015 – Raven 405 – Roswell, New Mexico – Manhole

Before After_405Manufacturer:
Raven Lining Systems
13105 E. 61st Street,
Suite A
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 615-0020

Roswell, New Mexico

Certified Applicator(s):
Corrosion Resistant Coatings

City of Roswell

Date of Project:
October 2015

Raven 405

Type of Structure(s):
25 brick/precast wastewater manholes

Condition of Structure(s):
The condition of the structures before the rehabilitation was very poor with significant loss of substrate and mortar between the bricks due to a high level of H2S and there was a presence of ground water infiltration.

25 manholes

Description of Application:
The City of Roswell has been using Raven products successfully in the wastewater environment for over 15 years.  Over 800 manholes, junction boxes, wet wells and lift stations have been rehabilitated and protected with Raven 405, a ultra-high-build epoxy coating, over the years. The structures were resurfaced with calcium aluminate cement, primed with a water born epoxy, and then top coated with Raven 405.  This application process has proven over time to be the most effective means available to protect infrastructure cost effectively.

City of Roswell Case History