1998 – Raven 405 – Charleston, South Carolina – Brick Manhole

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Suite A
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11th and Grove Street, Charleston, South Carolina

City of Charleston

Date of Project:
August 1998

Raven 405

Type of Structure(s):
Brick manhole 15′ deep, 4′ diameter, with 30″ CIPP rehabbed line and 10″ dead line.

Condition of Structure(s):
Pipe joint leaking and bench severely eroded with voids

Description of Application:
Rehabilitate and coat to low flow but unable to divert or plug lines. Hydraulic cement was used to fill large voids where mortar missing 1/2″ and greater. The bench was rebuilt, voids filled and chemical grouts were injected up to 2′ into the annular spaces surrounding the CIPP line where infiltration was visible. Raven 405 was applied at minimum of 125 mils providing structural enhancement and corrosion protection.

1998 Charleston, SC