AquataPoxy® A6 – Colorado – Industrial Waste and Sewer Rehab


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Product Used
AquataPoxy® A6


The Colorado plant of a major international chemical and lithographic plate manufacturer was experiencing infiltration and exfiltration within their industrial waste and sanitary sewer collection system, due to the corrosive and erosive effects of mild acids and caustics ranging in pH from 4-11. After researching and testing several products, Raven Lining Systems’ epoxy products exhibited the highest overall performance and were selected for protection of the owner’s infrastructure.

Over 30 industrial and sanitary manholes, several wet wells, an industrial waste lift station and concrete process pits were successfully rehabilitated and protected with the AquataPoxy® A6 coating system. The concrete structures were high pressure water cleaned and abrasive blasted to remove any loose or unsound concrete and contaminants. Voids were filled using an epoxy grout and coated with a varying thickness specified at 200 mils at the floor and thinning to 40 mils at the ring. Approximately 50% of the rehabilitated manholes required a structural rebuild that included a thicker layer of epoxy grout prior to receiving the A-6 protective top coat. After several years of service, the coating and structures remain in excellent condition.