2016 – Raven 160, Raven 541, Raven 545 – Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico- Concrete Roof

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Project Location

Ciudad Acuna, Coahuila, Mexico

Certified Applicator

Lewis Concrete Restoration


El Rancho Seco

Raven 160
Raven 541 at 60-80mil
Raven 545 at 10mil

Description of Application
The structure is an old concrete bunkhouse, 110’ x 30,’ that was built in 2010. The concrete roof was deteriorated due to the old age of the structure. There were numerous cracks throughout the roof. Over the years, the concrete roof started leaking due to shifting soils and poor craftsmanship. The structure was water blasted with 5000psi on Thursday July 28th 2016. After allowing the structure to dry, LCR applied a coat of Raven 160. Raven 160 is a single component moisture cure urethane primer. The following morning LCR applied the first coat of Raven 541 single component moisture cure urethane. This product is designed to be applied anywhere from 20 to 40 mils thick per coat. Due to the condition of the concrete, LCR decided to put down two coats of the 541 to achieve a total mil thickness of 60 to 80 mils. LCR applied the second coat the evening of the 29th. On the morning of the 30th, LCR applied the UV stable topcoat. The topcoat that was used was Raven 545 single component water borne polyurethane dispersion (PUD). This product is designed to be applied anywhere from 5 to 10mils per coat. LCR chose to put down one coat of the 545 at a total of 10mils. This concluded the project.

Ciudad Acuna Mexico Roof