2017 – Raven 405, Raven 175 – Pearland, TX – WWTP Headworks


Project Location

Pearland, TX

Certified Applicator

F&L Concrete & Coatings


City of Pearland

Construction Management

Pepper – Lawson Waterworks


Raven 405
Raven 175

Description of Application

The City of Pearland, TX is one of the fastest growing communities in the Greater Houston, Harris County, Texas area.  To accommodate the growth in housing and new development, Pearland is adding this new wastewater treatment plant.

Protecting the headworks from the highly corrosive wastewater flow and treatment process is of primary concern to the City.  The completed structures were protected with Raven 175 epoxy primer to mitigate the risk of pinholes and coated with 125 mils of Raven 405 High Build epoxy.

All surfaces were high voltage holiday tested and adhesion testing was performed to ensure that all the project objectives were met.

2017 WWTP Headworks Pearland, TX