2014 – A6, Raven 155, Raven 171 – Escondido, California – Flocculation basins

escondido2 escondidoManufacturer
Raven Lining Systems
13105 E. 61st Street,
Suite A
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 615-0020

Location of project
Escondido, California

City of Escondido

Certified Applicator
National Coating and Lining Company is a full service specialty industrial coating contractor, specializing in the restoration and protection of concrete and ferrous metals throughout the water & wastewater industry, servicing the Western United States.

Date of project
AquataPoxy A6 Thick applied at a min. of 160 mils Products used
Raven 155
Raven 171

Condition of structure during inspection

90,000 sq. ft

Type of structure
90,000 sq. ft. of concrete flocculation and settling basins


The rehabilitation and installation of an NSF/ANSI 61 certified coating on the concrete walls and concrete columns of the four (4) flocculation basins and four (4) settling basins at the Escondido- Vista Water Treatment Plant.

The basins were drained and all remaining solids and debris were physically removed. A combination of a 5000 psi hydro blast and abrasive blasting was performed over entire structure with the goal to achieve a minimum concrete surface profile of csp3. At the edge of where the coating application ceased, termination grooves and key ways were utilized to assure superior adhesion exists. After completing surface preparation, a final low-pressure water rinse was conducted to wash away the loose dust and debris. Once the substrate had dried, two coats of primer were applied to reduce moisture vapor transmission. The first coat of AquataPoxy A6 Thick was applied with a back trowel to smooth the surface of the coating and once that coat was tack free a second coat was applied. Any pinholes found after holiday testing was then repaired within the recoat window. Pinholes discovered after the recoat window had expired were prepared and then repaired according to Raven recommended procedures.*

*Escondido Full Case Study