2017 – AquataFlex 505, Raven 175 – Stringfellow – Riverside, California- Storage Tank


Project Location

Stringfellow Storage Tank
Riverside, California

Certified Applicator

National Coating & Lining


State of California


Veolia North America
CSI Services, Inc.


AquataFlex 505
Raven 175

Type of Structure

Seven welded steel storage tanks. Four of the tanks had concrete bottoms. The tanks hold treated water from contaminated groundwater.

Description of Application

During a scheduled mandatory inspection of the storage tanks, blistering of the coating on the tanks with concrete floors was discovered. The owner was concerned that water trapped inside the concrete could cause the steel bottom to corrode and eventually leak.

The existing coating was removed by abrasive blasting and 60-80 mils of AquataFlex 505 was applied to the shell and roof of the tanks. The tanks with concrete bottoms received two coats of Raven 175 primer followed by 125 mils for AquataFlex 505.


2017 Storage Tank Stringfellow Riverside, California