2019 – AquataFlex 506 – Cascade Locks, OR- Fish Hatchery



Raven Lining Systems

Project Location

Cascade Locks, Oregon




Bonneville Fish Hatchery


AquataFlex 506/ Raven 520


Molecular, Inc.


Oregon Fish & Wildlife


June 2019

Oregon Fish and Wildlife was forced to shut down ponds that had been in service since the 1950’s due to deteriorating concrete conditions. There were several holes that had become large enough that they were losing fish.  They needed a contractor to assess the scope of work and help them settle, seal, and coat the fish ponds. Molecular worked to help Fish and Wildlife make the most of their limited budget.

Overall the system included, Raven 175 was applied to prevent pinholing, Raven 506 was applied to give a flexible yet comprehensive coating to the fish pond. Raven 520 was top coated for UV stability and to allow the applicator to broadcast an aggregate since the owner required a “non-skid surface.”  Molecular came in and used a soil stabilization grout from Avanti to level out the ponds then used Sika grouting to fill cracks. They then used Raven 175 to prime the floor and 6 inches up the walls. Then they laid down 60 mils of Raven 506. They then top coated 20 mils with the Raven 520. Molecular applied this coatings system for the first time, working closely with the Raven technical rep to ensure their equipment was capable, and their technique were prepared for the challenge.

As with any polyurea, isocyanate is always a concern, and this was addressed through proper safety protocol. It was an unusually warm day for June in the Pacific Northwest so heat stroke was a concern. Molecular kept their crew rotating and hydrated so no one worked too long in the heat. They made sure the customer got full value from the project cost. The project was finished on time and within budget. Fish and Wildlife were happy with the result. Molecular, Inc is based out of Longview, WA. They currently have 4 full time employees and 2 plural spray rigs and are very active in the water/wastewater industry.

2019 Fish Hatchery OR