2018 – AquataFlex 505, Raven 755, Raven 175- Tuscola, IL- Clarifier Walls


Project Location

Tuscola, IL

Certified Applicator

Odle, Inc.


Lyondell Bassel


Curran Contracting Company

Engineering Firm



AquataFlex 505
Raven 755
Raven 175

Description of Application

This project included rehabilitation and lining badly deteriorated interior concrete walls.  The lining system was selected to address the 2” + deep corroded concrete & miscellaneous cracks present in the partially above-ground walls.  The surface was abrasive blasted to fully remove the corroded concrete to result in a CSP 5+ profile.  A minimum of 1” of Raven 755 Mortar was spray applied & back troweled to build back a portion of the deteriorated concrete surface.  A full prime coat of Raven 175 Primer was applied @ 8-10 mils DFT to lessen outgassing during the topcoat application.  A topcoat of AquataFlex 505 @ 125-150 mils DFT was applied in (3) successive applications to insure proper film build & a pinhole-free lining system.

As seen in the jobsite pictures, a “visqueen” tent structure was constructed to maintain climate control during the lining application which occurred in late November/early December.

Video:  Odle – Equistar 505 Sprayout Video 11-17


2017 Primary Clarifier Walls Tuscola, IL