2017 – Raven 405 – Raven 155 – Grafton – Grand Forks, North Dakota- Lift Station


Project Location

Grafton, Grand Forks, North Dakota

Certified Applicator

CSB Painting– Grafton, North Dakota


City of Grand Forks Wastewater Treatment Division

Engineering Firm

Webster, Foster, & Weston Consulting Engineers


ICS, Inc


Raven 155 at 8-10 mils DFT, applied in two wet-on-wet coats

Raven 405 at 90-110 mils DFT

Description of Application

The project was the lining of a new wastewater lift station structure, which was partially constructed from poured concrete and upper portion from precast concrete.  This new structure was particularly challenging due to quick construction schedules.  The poured concrete portion was approximately 14 days old, so Raven 155 WB Epoxy Primer was applied to the entire concrete surface to receive the lining system.  The Raven 155 Primer allowed the structure to be coated prior to the 28-day minimum cure time required by most lining systems.  The 155 also minimized outgassing of the new concrete, which was particularly troublesome on the roof & upper 10 feet.  The following day the Raven 405 was applied in two applications approximately 2 hours apart, with the first 50 mil coat back troweled into the abrasive blasted surface to fill imperfections and eliminate remaining outgassing. The entire surface was checked for holidays/pinholes using high voltage holiday detection.

2017 Grand Forks ND Lift Station