1998 – Raven 405 – Phoenix, Arizona – Manhole Rehab


Raven Lining Systems
13105 E. 61st Street,
Suite A
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 615-0020

35th Avenue and Vogel, Phoenix, Arizona

City of Phoenix

Date of Project:
November 1998

Raven 405

Type of Structure(s):
Manhole 11′ deep, with a 4′ diameter manhole with precast and brick walls.

Condition of Structure(s):
The bench was completely deteriorated and the corrosion level was severe

Description of Application:
The manhole was cleaned using high pressure water cleaning at 5,000 psi, 4 gpm to remove failed Portland cement and prepare brick surfaces to a clean sound substrate: 2″ – 3″ of severely corroded concrete was removed.

After Ray Ryan’s inspection, the rough aggregate was lined with 125 mils of Raven 405 in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the coating to protect the structure. Upon completion of coating, the structure was holiday tested.

Approximately one year later, Bob Webb and Karl Anderson were present for a follow-up inspection. No problems were identified with the product or process at that time.

1998 Phoenix, AZ