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August 2018

Certified Applicator, Riley Industrial Services, was awarded the project for two 350 feet by 23 feet in diameter vehicle traffic tunnels for Freeport-McMoRan in Morenci, Arizona. The total square footage of the project is between 55,000 and 60,000 square feet. The tunnels were assembled out of galvanized corrugated steel panels that were then bolted together. Once the tunnels were positioned, cement was poured between them to prevent further movement. Telescopic boom lifts were used to reach the far sides of each tunnel. First, the exteriors of the tunnels were coated followed by backfilling up against them. This allowed the boom lifts to extend over the adjacent tunnel to coat the upper inside portions.  Primarily, the project consisted of spray-applying a coating solution on the interior and exterior of the tunnels to protect from impact and abrasion damage along with providing a barrier coat against mild acid corrosion.

After proper surface preparation, each tunnel was treated with Raven 146. This solution reacts to the steel’s surface, creating a micro profile for the Raven 512 protective coating to be applied to. Raven 512 was spray-applied at 100 mils after the Raven 146 had fully dried. This system was chosen for its rapid return to service, minimal impact to the surrounding environment, and its ability to withstand impact & abrasion from human activity as well as the corrosive nature of the soil.

Riley Industrial continues to differentiate themselves from others through quality service and workmanship, modern and well-maintained equipment, trained and experienced personnel, and the unique ability to respond to their customers’ needs in emergency situations or just in the normal course of daily business. Riley Industrial’s long-standing and loyal customer base is a testimony to their success.

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