2017 – Raven 405 – Valdosta, GA – Corrugated Metal Pipe


Project Location

Valdosta, GA

Certified Applicator

Radney Plumbing Inc. (RPI)


Valdosta State University




Raven 405

Description of Application

The 60in corrugated metal storm water drainage pipe was over 25 years old and heavily pitted with damage and seam cracks throughout. The pipe is the main storm water drainage pipe for Valdosta State University and runs under or near buildings, athletic facilities and 100yr old oak trees making it impossible to replace.

Product was applied in July of 2017. Raven 405 was used to structurally rehab the pipe. The pipe was first cleaned and profiled by sand blasting conforming to SSPC-SP 12/NACE No. 5 and SSPC-SP 5/NACE No.1. Raven 405 was then applied by plural component spray equipment at 250 mils to provide long term I and I protection.

Visual inspection was performed at 90 days and the application of Raven 405 had no issues and is performing perfectly.

The owner has indicated that they are very pleased and will continue the 400-ft. remaining, as funds are available.

2017 Corrugated Metal Pipe, Valdosta, GA