2016 – Raven 405 – San Clemente, California- Sludge Storage Tanks

SanClementeSludge3 SanClementeSludge2 SanClementeSludge1


Project Location

San Clemente, California

Certified Applicator

National Coating & Lining Company


City of San Clemente


NEWest Construction

Raven 405 Epoxy at 125mil
Raven 155 Primer

Description of Application:

This project included the removal of existing coatings, deteriorated concrete then rehabilitation of existing concrete surface on a digester tank with a cementitious repair mortar. Raven 155 WB Epoxy Primer was applied to help reduce or eliminate outgassing, and Raven 405 Epoxy was spray-applied at 125 mils DFT to protect the concrete from corrosive vapors and gases.

San Clemente Sludge Storage Tank