2016 – Raven 512, Raven 162 – Austin, Texas- Traffic Tunnel (North)

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Project Location

Austin, Texas

Certified Applicator

Lewis Concrete Restoration


Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority

Raven 162
Raven 512 at 130mil

Description of Application:

This structure was a new concrete tunnel, 704’ x 25,’ that was built to help keep traffic moving on MoPac in Austin, TX. The overall condition of the concrete structure was good. There were very few defects throughout the structure. The tunnel was water blasted with a 5000psi water blaster on the night of August 25, 2016. LCR started priming the sides of the tunnel with Raven 162, which is a two-component epoxy primer. LCR applied two coats of the primer to help reduce the outgassing of the concrete tunnel. At approximately 1AM on the 25th of August, LCR applied Raven 512, 100% solids polyurea, on the sides of the tunnel. They applied the 512 at 120 to 130mils thick. The following night, LCR started the same process for the top of the tunnel. The duration of the project was 6 days, which was concluded on the 1st of September.

Austin Texas MoPac North