2014 – AquataPoxy® A6 – Lago Vista, Texas – Elevated Water Storage Tank


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Lago Vista Independent School District, Lago Vista, Texas

Certified Applicator(s):
Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation, LCR, is a specialty restoration and preservation coating and rehab company providing services for water and sanitary sewer systems for municipal and government markets.

Haynie Engineering

Date of Project:

AquataPoxy® A-6

Type of Structure(s):
A new 400,000 gallon steel, elevated potable water storage tank has been installed at the Lago Vista Independent School District Site in Lago Vista, TX west of Austin. The new storage tank is on the site of the new high school.

Condition of Structure(s):

The tower is approximately 90 feet high with the main water storage tank at about 60 feet high.

Description of Application:.
Haynie Engineering specified the inside of the tank be coated with AquataPoxy® A6. The A6 product is an NSF/ANSI Standard 61 product certified for potable water.
First steps for the job included cleaning and blasting the surfaces in preparation for the application of A6. On this particular job site, LCR Concrete used Bengal Bay Garnet® copper slag to prepare the steel surface. Due to daytime temperatures exceeding 130º, even with the use of a dehumidifier and air conditioning to cool the inside of the tank, most of the work was done at night.
The A6 was successfully applied to the steel tank at a minimum of 30 mils and maximum of 40 mils. Typical steel applications are within this range due to flexing of the steel. Typical concrete applications A6 range from 80 to 125 mils. Approximately 200 gallons of material were used on this project.

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