2017 – Raven 405, Raven 155 – Meadowlark – Carlsbad, California- Concrete Filter Basins


Project Location

Carlsbad, California

Certified Applicator

National Coating & Lining


Vallecitos Water District


Raven 405
Raven 155

Description of Application

The existing thin-film epoxy coating system was failing due to ground water infiltration. National Coating and Lining, a Raven Certified Applicator, was asked by the facility owner to remove the existing failed coating system, rehabilitate the concrete where needed, and apply a coating system designed to protect below-grade structures from external hydrostatic water vapor pressure. NCL recommended Raven 405 Series Epoxy because of the high physical properties and excellent adhesion to concrete allowing 405 to protect the structure from the groundwater.

NCL completely removed the existing coating and created a profile in the concrete to meet ICRI CSP-4 to CSP-5. Raven 175 Primer was then applied in 2-coats followed by 125 mils of Raven 405 Series Epoxy.

Due to Raven 405 Series Epoxy’s ability to adhere to wet concrete (therefore no moisture testing required), the filter basins were able to be returned to service per the requirements set by the owner.

2017 Concrete Filter Basins Meadowlark Carlsbad, California