2015 Inspection -2004 Historical- Raven 405 – Cedar Park, Texas- Manhole


Raven Lining Systems

13105 E. 61st Street

Suite A

Broken Arrow, OK 74012

(918) 615-0020

Location: Cedar Park, Texas (245 Quicksilver Dr.)

Owner: City of Cedar Park

Original Contractor: Lewis Concrete Restoration (formerly F&L Concrete)

Estimated Project Date: 2004

Age of Project: 11 years

Inspection Date: September 17th 2015

Type of Structure(s):

This study was completed on a single 4’ diameter manhole measuring a depth of 4’ 5”. It was precast without resurfacing material located on a neighborhood street with very little flow.

Condition of Structure(s):

The manhole was coated in 2004 with Raven 405 with an average of 125 mils. There were no visual defects or active leaks in the coating.

Structure Results: This manhole was located at 245 Quicksilver Dr. Cedar Park, TX, centered in the road.  This manhole had three 20mm dollies glued to the coating and cored.

The resulting pulls were:

  • 573psi (100% substrate failure)
  • 500psi (100% substrate failure)
  • 665psi (90% substrate failure, 10% cohesive failure)


Cedar Park Manhole 2004 Historical