NSF/ANSI 61 Certified Potable Water Epoxies

With a 30-50 year life cycle design, AquataPoxy® coatings have and continue to deliver superior and safe long-term corrosion protection. It has the unique ability to be applied in damp and under water environments. Underground storage tanks, sea wall pilings, aquariums, tunnels and the locks on the Panama Canal are examples of AquataPoxy successes.

The signature product for the potable epoxy line is the AquataPoxy A-6.   AquataPoxy A-6 is certified by IAPMO R&T to NSF/ANSI Standard 61.

The A-6 was developed in the late 70’s and is the most widely specified 100% solids, zero VOC epoxy for potable water structures, with a fast return to service. The A-6 epoxy produces a well-adhered slick, dense surface and minimizes slime growth and bacteria build-up on protected substrates.