2015 – Raven 405FS – Pima County/Tuscon, Arizona – 18” Sewer CIPP Rehab

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Raven Lining Systems
13105 E. 61st Street,
Suite A
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
(918) 615-0020

70th N. Main St, Downtown
Tucson, AZ
18” Sewer CIPP Rehab.

Certified Applicator(s):
Southwest Environmental Testing, Inc. has been serving municipalities, professional engineering firms and contractors since 1992.  They specialize in sewer line acceptance testing, manhole rehabilitation, leak locating of sewer lines, manhole vacuum testing, and manhole roach control. 

Pima County/City of Tucson

GC Achen Gardner, Inc.

Date of Project:
April 2015

Raven 405FS

Type of Structure(s):
A 5’X10’ brick manhole with brick drop inlet and two pipe drop inlets.

Condition of Structure(s):
The condition of structure was very poor with severe deterioration of the mortar with loose and missing bricks resulting in infiltration of ground water and structural instability.

Description of Application:
The rehabilitation started with a minimum 5000 psi water blast, the removal of old steel rungs and then the demolition of the brick drop inlet and one pipe drop inlet. The walls where the drop inlets had been were repaired along with applying 2” to 4” of rapid setting early strength cement to the entire surface of the manhole.
Once the cement repair material was given proper time to cure, new rungs were installed and a secondary water blast was performed. After the surface dried the coating, Raven 405FS was applied in two coats, totaling a minimum 190 mils.
The structure was tested for holidays to ensure a monolithic coating existed and adhesion testing was performed to achieve proper standards.
Starting in late 2013, Southwest Environmental Testing, Inc. has completed over 110 manholes in Pima County, AZ using this application process.

Pima County/City of Tuscon Case History