2018 – Raven 405, Raven 155, Raven 760 – Ocotillo – Chandler, AZ – WWTP Headworks


Project Location

Chandler, AZ

Certified Applicator

Murphy Industrial


City of Chandler


Raven 405
Raven 155
Raven 760 HPPC

Description of Application

In 2016 Murphy Industrial Painting was contracted by Sundt Construction and McCarthy Construction (a joint construction management venture) to apply protective coatings to the new headworks building. Once all the new structures had been constructed and given time for the concrete to cure Murphy begun abrasive blasting the substrate to a CSP4 minimum at the Ocotillo WWTP head works.

Once surface preparation and cleaning was completed a skim coat of Raven 760 HPPC was applied at ¼” thick. This was done to fill in all surface abnormalities or bug holes that had been opened by the abrasive blast.

After the structure had been coated with Raven 760 HPPC it was allowed to cure for three days minimum.  Then the substrate surface was water blasted and cleaned.  After drying the Raven 155 primer was applied by roller in two coats.  The following night Raven 405 100% solids Epoxy was spray applied in two coats totaling 125 Mils thick.  This application process was continued throughout the structure.

When all the coating work had been completed and given at least 24 hours to cure holiday testing and adhesion testing was conducted by a NACE certified third party inspection firm. The 405-coating passed all points of the adhesion testing and any holidays found were repaired.

The project took four months to complete and used over $150,000.00 of Raven Lining Systems products.

2017 Ocotillo WWTP Chandler, AZ