Raven 580 is a 100% solids “pure” polyurea adhesive designed as a patch kit for polyurea coatings. Raven 580 can be used in high humidity conditions with minimal bubbling and loss of adhesion. Raven 580 adheres very well to previously sprayed and properly prepared polyurea. In some cases, it may be necessary to use Raven 561 primer prior to use of Raven 580.

Raven 580 adheres well to properly prepared substrates such as steel, aluminum, wood and concrete. Some substrates exhibit much better long term performance if a primer is used prior to application. For example, a steel substrate coated with Raven 580 performs much better in corrosion conditions testing if the steel is treated prior to coating with the proper preparation method (i.e. shot blasting), proper primer (i.e. that includes rust resistant additives), and then top coated with Raven 580. Please contact the manufacturer for specific primer recommendation for particular substrates and conditions.

Typical uses for Raven 580 include:

  • Secondary Containment Lining Patch Kit
  • Steel Corrosion Protection Patch Kit
  • Geotextile Fabric Lining Patch Kit
  • Salt Water Corrosion Protection for Steel or Concrete
  • Concrete Waterproofing Patch Kit
  • Industrial Facilities Patch Kit

Raven 580 TDS

Raven 580 SDS