2016 – Raven 405, Raven 171 FS, Raven 760 – Warrenton, Missouri – Grit Chamber & Wet well

rp-ctgs-warrenton-wet-well-pic-6-9-16 rp-ctgs-warrenton-wet-well-pic-5-9-16 rp-ctgs-warrenton-wet-well-pic-4-9-16


Project Location

Warrenton, Missouri

Certified Applicator

RP Coatings- Troy, Illinois


City of Warrenton


Gonzalez Companies, LLC-St. Louis, Missouri


Korte & Luitjohan Contractors Inc.-Highland, Illinois

Raven 760 HPPC
Raven 171 FS
Raven 405 at 125mil

Description of Application:
Two 14’ x 14’ x 30’’ deep 6’ precast concrete wet wells and 20’ x 20’ channel building structure were lined. This project included lining new concrete surfaces with an epoxy polymer concrete surfacer (Raven 760 HPPC) and installing a protective lining system (Raven 171 FS Primer, Raven 405 Epoxy). Raven 405 was spray applied at 125 mils DFT to protect from future chemical attack. Work was completed as planned with no application issues installing the multi-coat lining system

 Warrenton MO Grit Chamber & Wet well