2017 – Raven 505, Raven 175 – Lodi, California- Headworks/Channels


Project Location

Lodi, California

Certified Applicator

National Coating & Lining Company


City of Lodi


Raven 175 Primer

Raven AquataFlex 505 (hybrid polyurethane coating)

Description of Application

The existing concrete in the original treatment facility, White Slough WPCF, was constructed in 1966 and the concrete headworks and channels had degraded due to the corrosion caused by the influent wastewater flow. The surface was cleaned and abrasive blasted for surface preparation. Complete concrete resurfacing was needed before applying the AquataFlex 505 protective coating to the existing concrete channels in the headworks system.

2017 Lodi CA Headworks