Wastewater Epoxies

Our Raven 400 series is recognized as the industry standard for long-term performance in harsh, damp wastewater environments. It has superior adhesion, low porosity and high chemical and abrasion resistance – crucial components in a sustainable solution for corrosion protection in wastewater infrastructures. Combined with our cementitious/underlayment products, primers and polymer linings, Raven Lining Systems offers the ultimate corrosion repair and protection.

Raven 405 is our flagship product for the wastewater epoxy line. It is our most widely used product and is formulated to provide structural renewal for severely deteriorated wastewater infrastructure. 405 is a solvent-free 100% solids, ultra high build epoxy coating formulated with exceptionally high physical strengths and broad range chemical resistance. Raven 405 exhibits superior bond to concrete, steel, masonry, fiberglass and other surfaces. Designed for operating temperatures up to 200°F, 405’s unique ultra high-build ability allows it to be spray applied on vertical and overhead surfaces. The surface tolerance and high physical strengths of 405 allow it to be designed as a structural lining in manholes, pipelines, tanks and other deteriorated structures.