2017 – Raven 541, Raven 545, Raven 175 – Perris, California- Digester


Project Location

Perris, California

Certified Applicator

National Coating & Lining Company


CR&R Environmental Services


W.M. Lyles Co.


Raven 175 Primer

Raven 541 Waterproofing Membrane

Raven 545 1K Moisture Cure Topcoat

Description of Application

After failing the pressure testing prior to the initial start-up, it was determined that air was escaping through cracks in the roof of the concrete deck of an anaerobic digester. National Coating and Lining, a Raven Certified Applicator, and Raven Technical Service recommended the use of Raven 541 Flexible Waterproofing Membrane as a solution to seal the concrete substrate. First, the cracks were filled with Raven 175 Primer, and then a fine glass aggregate was poured into the open cracks. Next, the entire concrete surface was primed to reduce the possibility of outgassing. After the primer, two coats of Raven 541 were applied with both coats receiving sand aggregate (broadcasted to refusal). Finally, a topcoat, Raven 545, a UV stable, moisture-cured aliphatic polyurethane, was then applied in two coats for color stability

2017 Perris CA Digester