2019 – Raven 405 – El Cajon, CA- Manhole



Raven Lining Systems

Project Location

El Cajon, California




Manhole Rehab


Raven 405


National Coatings & Linings


City of El Cajon


February 2019

Sewer and water systems across the country are designed and laid out according to the area’s needs. This sometimes results in unusual locations to build out system infrastructure. While rehabilitating manholes for the City of El Cajon, California, Raven Certified Applicator, National Coatings & Linings had to be creative in completing the project where most of the manholes rest along a steep hillside inaccessible by a truck or trailer spray rig. The location of the manholes caused a minor challenge for the spray-crew, but was easily overcome utilizing the Graco XP-70 HF. To ensure spray-application could be completed in a safe and easy fashion, the steep embankments required ladders that were tied off and extra fall protective measures. A longer hose bundle and heated hoses where used to help maintain spray temperatures, while the XP-70 HF was used to make sure that after running 200 ft of hose bundle a good spray pattern could still be achieved

The City of El Cajon selected Raven and Raven Certified Applicator, National Coatings & Linings, due to a history of high-quality workmanship with high-quality products. The relationship with the City of El Cajon allowed this project of 24 manholes at an average depth of 12 ft and 48” in diameter to be granted to Raven. All 24 manholes were rehabbed, only one of which the manhole base needed repairs. After preparation with high pressure water spraying, each manhole was primed with Raven 175 and top-coated with Raven 405 at 125 mils. Overall, the city was satisfied with the completed project.

2018 Manhole El Cajon, CA