1996 – AquataPoxy® A6 – New York, New York – Aqueduct


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New Croton Aqueduct, New York, New York

Date of Project: 

AquataPoxy® A6

Type of Structure(s):

Condition of Structure(s):
The aqueduct had erosion, deterioration, and other structural defects along with algae buildup.

Description of Application:
The New York Aquaduct constructed more than 125 years ago was beginning to show age in the form of mortar erosion, brick face deterioration and minor structural defects. This disrupted flow dynamics and helped to cause increased algae buildup. The system includes a labyrinth of more than 700 miles of 8′ to 20′ diameter brick and concrete tunnels. After researching, it was determined the ideal solution would be the spray application of a moisture-tolerant coating, approved for potable water and safe for the workers.

In 1996, Raven’s AquataPoxy® A6 was specified for a 1,000- foot long test section of the New Croton Aqueduct. High pressure water blasting was performed to clean the brick and remove remaining unsound surfaces of calcium buildup, brick and mortar. A6 was then spray-applied to 30 mils. A6 exhibited superior bond strength and delivered structural reinforcement to the old brick.

A two year inspection of the test section revealed A6 still in mint condition … perfectly bonded and undamaged.

1996 New York, NY