2017 – Raven 405, Raven 175 – Dallas, Texas- Sewer Pump Station


Project Location

Cadiz Pump Station
Dallas, TX

Certified Applicator

Lewis Concrete Restoration


Dallas Water Utility


S.J. Louis Construction


Raven 405

Raven 175 Primer


Description of Application

In the shadow of Reunion Arena in downtown Dallas, Texas, the Cadiz Pump Station has been operating since 1951, for more than 65 years this once stately building and pump system has received flow from a main trunk sewer, pumping it on to a nearby treatment facility.

New Improvements, including new pumping technology and a sophisticated 3 chamber wet well system, now allow for the Cadiz Pump Station to receive flow from a much larger 144” diameter main trunk sewer.

Raven Lining Systems Certified Applicator, Lewis Concrete Restoration worked with DWU and the general contractor to ensure the long-term performance of these new upgrades with the application of Raven 175 Epoxy Primer and 125 mils of Raven 405 High Build Epoxy

2017 Cadiz Pump Station, Dallas, TX