2016 – Raven 405 – Edwardsville, Illinois – Lift Stations



Project Location

Edwardsville, Illinois

Certified Applicator



Holishor Association, Inc.

Raven 405 Epoxy at 125mil

Description of Application
This project, 14’ deep 6’ diameter precast concrete lift stations, included stopping the I/I by chemical injection grouting (Avanti AV-100) and rehabilitation of existing concrete surface with a cementitious repair mortar (Strong MS 2A). Raven 405 Epoxy was spray-applied at 125 mils DFT to further enhance structural integrity, prevent future I/I and to protect the concrete from corrosive vapors and gases. The work completed was a huge success for HoliShor representatives to pave the way for future similar projects to rehabilitate.

Edwardsville IL Lift Stations 2016