Case Studies


Raven provides the vital experience and expertise to develop customized solutions for applications in a wide variety of industries. Our proficiency has been demonstrated in the following case studies, which presents a client’s problem and how a Raven engineered solution aided in achieving their end result.

Case Study:  Scott Air Force Base, RP Coatings

Scott Air Force Base’s water is supplied by Illinois American Water Company. In 2007, American Water signed a 50-year contract to maintain water quality and treatment standards for SAFB under the Department of Defense’s Utility Privatization Program. This award is an Air Force investment strategy to update their water infrastructure to current industry standards. With expansions built in the 1940s and very little rehabilitation of facilities since, updating one of very few on-base wastewater treatment plants presented an opportunity for success. The plant treats about 2.2 million gallons of water per day (MGD) with the capacity to treat and store three MGD. The plant consists of three primary clarifiers, three secondary clarifiers, and two digesters, of which all were in need of rehabilitation. With the rough condition of the structures, the estimated completion time for the project was planned for three to four months to coat almost 41,000 square feet, with a start time of April 2016.

Scott AFB Full Case Study

Case Study:  City of Charleston/Hanahan Treatment Plant

In 2015, it was determined that an upgrade was necessary and new troughs would be installed.  Upon inspection, the City of Charleston and Dun-Right were pleasantly surprised to discover the 15 year coating of the AquataPoxy was still tightly adhered with only minor structural flaws. Areas to be repaired were due to the installation of new troughs and floors. It was estimated that only 32 sq. ft. per basin (approximate) would need repair, with some basins having unexpected repairs, ranging from structural movement to impact damage. It’s the proper application process implemented in 2000 that resulted in very minimal repair, therefore, saving the City of Charleston, hundreds of thousands of dollars. Read the complete study below:

Charleston Full Case Study

Case Study: Escondido, CA with NC&L

Less than an hour north of San Diego lies Escondido, a quaint city surrounded by rocky hills and beautiful skylines. Escondido was founded in 1888 and currently has a population of 143,911. The Escondido-Vista Water Treatment Plant supplies water to over 25,000 residential, commercial and agricultural customers. As the city has continued a steady growth, the water treatment plant’s aging infrastructure has continued to deteriorate, therefore a solution was sought. Read the complete study below:

Escondido Full Case Study

Underground Construction – July 2014

Water & Wastes Digest Case of the Week – April 2015

Case Study: Containment for Oilfield Disposal Wells

Texas law requires that the salt water produced when oil is harvested be disposed of correctly. Correct disposal means the salt water cannot get into surface or underground water and pollute it. The main way oil companies go about disposing of salt water is by injecting it back where it came from: into underground porous rock formations that are isolated from other groundwater. This is where Buda, Texas-based Lewis Concrete Restoration Corporation comes in. Read the complete study below:

Coatings Pro – May 2015

Case Study: Wilson, OK with WT Energy

The town of Wilson’s potable water is supplied from wells and stored in four (4) 80,000 gallon concrete storage tanks that were built in the 1930’s. Two (2) of these tanks were in extremely poor condition, with cracks and leaks, due to the deterioration of the concrete exposing the re-bar. They sought a solution with WT Energy and Raven Lining Systems. Read the complete study below:

Wilson Full Case Study

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