Raven 405 and AquataPoxy® A6 – New York, New York – Corroded Steel Water Tank


Raven Lining Systems
13105 E. 61st Street, Suite A
Broken Arrow, OK 74012
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Certified Applicators
PIM Corp

Product Used
Raven 405 and AquataPoxy® A-6

Over a long weekend, Raven 405 and AquataPoxy® A6 coating systems were used to rehabilitate this severely corroded steel water tank on top of a 15-story building in New York City. The tank supplied fire fighting water to the building. The top of the tank was severely corroded and had numerous holes. After sandblast preparation, steel patches were riveted to structurally deficient steel. 40 mils of Raven 405 was then applied to the top of the roof and the inside of the tank Fiberglass fabric was laid into the exterior roof surfaces and an additional 50 mils of Raven 405 was applied to these surfaces.

The entire tank, inside and out, was then coated with 20 mils of A6, which is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for contact with potable water. The tank remained in service throughout the application by utilizing the baffle inside the tank to move the water from one side to the other while rehabilitating.