1996 – AquataPoxy® A6 – Houston, Texas – Clarifier Steel Protection


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Houston, Texas

City of Houston

Date of Project :

AquataPoxy® A6

Type of Structure(s):
Steel trusswork

Description of Application:
AquataPoxy® coatings systems have been used in the City of Houston’s water treatment plants over the past seventeen years to protect its structures from atmospheric and chemical corrosion. AquataPoxy has been specified extensively because it delivers a more permanent solution compared to conventional maintenance coatings. These same AquataPoxy formulations are exclusively available through Certified Applicators under the Raven brand.

Walter Harris, Water Engineering and Design for the Department of Public Works of the City of Houston, states, “The City of Houston has used AquataPoxy successfully for several years as a primary coating in potable water tank and water treatment coatings, and for repair of other failed or damaged epoxy coatings. We find it to be an excellent product when properly applied by knowledgeable applicators.”

Steel trusswork, rake arms and tanks were prepared by abrasive blast and coated with AquataPoxy® A6 and remain in as ” good as new” condition many years later. One steel tank bottom was accidentally flooded just prior to coating so A-6 was rolled onto the tank floor with 6″ of water eight years ago. A NACE Inspector re-inspected the tank in 1996 and the AquataPoxy remains in like-new condition with excellent bond.

1996 Houston, TX