2017 – Raven 512 – Meritage, Canada- Secondary Containment


Project Location

Patterson Creek Facility
Meritage, Canada

Certified Applicator

Stray Cat Industrial Services, LTD.


Meritage Midstream


FCI Constructors, Inc.




6000 sw. ft.


Raven 512


Condition of Structure

There was an uneven ground with puddles, a new steel containment system and newly pounded pilings with rust.

Description of Application

Stray Cat supplied and built a zero-ground disturbance steel containment system before the coatings were applied. The substrate was uneven compacted dirt so Stray Cat laid out sand and raked it to smooth out the ground. Once that had been done, Non-woven geo-textile was laid out and coated. All walls of the containment system were covered with geo textile, then coated and clamped on top of walls with a top cap. All pilings were blasted to a white finish or NACE #1/SSPC-SP5 then coated 1 foot from ground floor.

2017 Secondary Containment Meritage, Canada