2017 – Raven 405 T, Raven 760, Raven 171 FS, Raven AquataFlex 506 – Lincoln, Nebraska- Sludge Tank


Project Location

Lincoln, Nebraska

Certified Applicator

Mongan Painting- Cherokee, Iowa


City of Lincoln Public Works and Utilities Lincoln Wastewater System

Engineering Firm

Olsson & Associates-Lincoln, Nebraska


Building Crafts, Inc.-Oakland, Iowa


Raven 405 T, (bulked up with 30-40 mesh sand and quarter inch pea gravel for patching 2”) depths for corroded areas deeper than 1”

Raven 760 HPPC (up to ¼”)

Raven 171 FS (5-10mil DFT)

Raven AquataFlex 506 (80-120mil DFT)

Description of Application

The project was the lining of deteriorated, approximately 50-year-old, poured concrete wastewater sludge tanks/channels. This quick turnaround project was completed in three phases. To maintain service use of the asset, the project allowed approximately 72 hours of shutdown during each phase to perform proper surface preparation and install the lining system.  Taking the tank/channel areas out of service, a temporary gate was installed to hold back the wastewater and to allow the remaining channel system to remain in operation.  Due to these demands, the selected lining system needed to be able to be installed within this very short timeframe before placing the structure back into full immersion service.  Working with Olsson & Associates, we proposed optional lining systems, which could accomplish these demands.  The material choices needed to include building back select corroded areas in the concrete walls (up to 4” in depth) with an appropriate filler (Raven 405T). Each phase was placed back into service 6-8 hours after final application of the AquataFlex 506 and the entire surface was tested for holidays/pinholes

2017 Lincoln NE Sludge Tank