2002 – Raven 405 – Dorchester, Massachusetts – Brick Pipeline


Raven Lining Systems
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Dorchester, Massachusetts

Certified Applicator(s):
National Water Main has operated for over 50 years as an experienced industrial and municipal specialized maintenance contractor.

Boston Water and Sewer Commission

Date of Project:

Raven 405

Type of Structure(s):
A 54″ diameter brick pipeline

Condition of Structure(s):
Moderate structural deterioration exhibited in loss of bricks in crown and mortar throughout top 270° of pipeline.

Description of Application:
Rehabilitation included bypass, pressure grouting, repair mortar and 250 mil topcoat of Raven 405. Quality control testing upon completion included holiday detection to ensure pinhole free corrosion barrier and testing for adhesion of the coating system to host the structure.

2002 Dorchester, MA