2016 – Raven 171 FS, Raven 760, Aquataflex 506- Devils Tower – Hulett, Wyoming- Water Tank


Project Location

Devil’s Tower
Hulett, Wyoming

Certified Applicator

Carr Coatings- Belle Fourche, South Dakota


Devils Tower National Park Conservation Association


Bairco Construction-Lowell, Wyoming

Raven 760 HPPC
Raven 171 FS at 5-10mil DFT
AquataFlex 506 at 90-120mil DFT
AquataFlex 505 (crack detail & 506 touch-up)

Description of Application:

The project was for an existing 50K gallon, 75-year old poured-concrete potable water tank. A few small cracks in the wall & floor were chased with a v-cut angle grinder, covered with 9 oz. fiberglass fabric & saturated with AquataFlex 505.

Linings spec included preparation of the floors, walls, ceiling & ceiling beams by abrasive blast cleaning, following SP13 standards, resulting in a minimum CSP5 profile. All bugholes deeper than ½” were filled with Raven 760 HPPC by trowel/hand application as needed. Raven 171 FS applied at 5-10 mils DFT used to minimize outgassing of the topcoat. The following day, AquataFlex 506 was applied at 90-120 mils DFT over the entire surface.  There were very few minor outgassing bubbles due to the Raven 171FS Primer usage, which were addressed as they arose by a quick trowel and immediately applying more 506 to “bury” the pinholes. The tank was sanitized 3 hours later and placed back into service in 24 hours after final application of the 506.

 Hulett WY Water Tank