2016 – Raven 405, 155 – Tulsa, Oklahoma- Southside WWTP

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Project Location

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Certified Applicator

L&L Construction


City of Tulsa Southside WWTP

Raven 155
Raven 405

For more than two decades, Raven Lining Systems products and applicators, such as L&L Construction have been providing corrosion preventative coatings to the City of Tulsa for water and waste water infrastructure. At the City of Tulsa Southside Waste Water Treatment Plant, Raven 155 primer & 100 to 125 mils of Raven 405 100% solids Ultra-High Build Epoxy has been used to coat and protect many different structures other than just the manholes over the years. Such structures as lift stations, clarifiers, bio filters, junction boxes, & chemical storage secondary containment.

2016 Tulsa, OK Southside WWTP