2016 – Raven 545, AquataFlex 506, Aquatapoxy 90- Perry, Oklahoma- Water Tower

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Project Location

Perry, Oklahoma

Certified Applicator

WT Energy


Rural Water District #2


Raven 545 UV Stable at 8-10mil

Raven AquataPoxy 90 at 15-20mil

Raven AquataFlex 506 at 80mil

Description of Application
The older interior and exterior coating systems that had been applied roughly seven years before were in very poor condition. The coatings used had most likely been a highly or over solvated epoxy coating applied at only 4-5 mils thick with little to no surface preparation conducted before the coating was applied. The exterior coating began to break down, crack and peal off quickly with exposure to UV rays, too much solvent being added possibly when applied and being very thin with poor surface preparation. The interior coating was applied very poorly at an inconsistent thickness over little to no surface preparation. This resulted in coating runs, blistering, rust staining, and chipping / delamination’s, pitting and holes in the tank.

WT Energy was contracted to recoat the entire tank, 18’ diameter X 100’ tall, in June of 2016. Using a 15- 20mil coat of Raven AquataPoxy 90 White high solids epoxy roll applied to the exterior of the tank after abrasive blasting. Then Raven 545 UV stable aliphatic Urethane was roll applied at 8-10mils thick over the AquataPoxy 90 to provide  UV protection. Due to the pitted surface of the interior of the tank after abrasive blasting Raven 506 Urethane/Novolac Epoxy hybrid coating spray applied at 80mils thick was chosen to provide longer lasting protection for the tank. Raven AquataFlex 506 is NSF/ANSI 61 certified for contact with potable water, cures to the touch in less than a minute, can be applied directly to the steel substrate once prepped and has roughly 70% elongation to prevent future cracking from the tank swaying or flexing.

Perry OK Water Tower